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Particulate Emission Monitors

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Particulate Emission Monitors

  • EMP6B utilises AC Coupled Triboelectric technology. Charged dust particles’ charge is transferred as the particle passes or impacts the sensing element
  • As the particle passes or impacts with the sensing element, a current is induced which is processed in EMP7 by a method called Impulse Signature Extraction (“ISE”)
  • EMP7 and EMP6 heads are typically mounted through the wall of a duct carrying the moving particles so that the probe is exposed to the particles
  • Can monitor extremely small particles regardless of composition, e.g. galvanising fume (∼1 μm)
  • Can operate in a large range of concentrations or mass flow rates 0.01 mg/m3 to 800 mg/m3
  • Often used in an emissions stack as a Broken Bag Detector or Baghouse Leak Detector

More info: https://goyenmecair.pentair.com/en